Juan Garcia - Head Tennis Professional, Bay Club Carmel Valley
Pricing Information:

Private Lesson:
$50/30 minutes 
$126/90 minutes

$75/player/90 minutes

Group Rates:
                                    Number of players            1hr        1.5hr
                                               3                          $42         $62
                                               4                          $37         $55
                                               5                          $33         $50
                                               6                          $30         $45

These student reviews were posted on tennislessons.com and/or tennisopolis.com. Additional reviews can be found on yelp.com
By: Rick Young  With Coach: Juan Garcia  
My Son and I went to Juan with a big goal make the High school varsity tennis team as a freshman on the number one team in San Diego. (did I mention he had four months and my son did not play?) He took him and has taught him proper form and has helped him progress from a true beginner in 4 months to be a starter on the tennis team as a freshman. My son likes him and each week looks forward to having Juan tweak his game. His game has increased noticeably every week! I strongly recommend Juan for any jr player wanting to learn the game and compete in any junior environment.
Thank you Juan for helping my son reach the first goal....and the next ones to come!
By: Shawn Buehnerkemper  With Coach: Juan Garcia  
I was on a family Spring Break trip to San Diego. I am a 37 yr old guy, a previous division 1 college tennis player and have been working to revitalize my game. Juan was so good. We hit 3 different times in a 5 day span. Not only does he know his coaching stuff, but he was professional in setting up the times and the guy can absolutely play tennis. If you are looking for a guy that is not teaching from a book, this is your guy. He can help your strokes and his mind is fresh in the competitive tennis scene. If you want to learn how to play with the shots you have or have to step up and hit some shots you are uncomfortable hitting, Juan is your guy. I enjoyed every moment practicing with him and on my return to Indiana, I have been even more motivated to keep working on my game.
By: Kelvin Hung With Coach: Juan Garcia
Juan knows his stuffs!! He has been coaching me for 2 months and I can see my game is improving! Highly recommended!
1 Year later
Juan is very patient and knowledgeable. I learned and improved a lot from him in the past year and now feel confident to join a 4.0 league.
By: Zbyszek Skoczek With Coach: Juan Garcia
Juan is just awesome. All the time on the court he pays attention to every single detail of your game. It doesn't matter whether it's forehand, backhand, volley or footwork he quickly catches all the mistakes you do and tells you how to improve it.
By: Risa Goldlust   With Coach: Juan Garcia   
I wanted to return to tennis after a 30+ year hiatus and wanted to refresh my skills before I got on the court with other people. Juan has been an excellent instructor, never giving me more pointers than I can deal with at each lesson. And I am achieving my goal of being able to play with others. It has been a wonderful experience.
By: Sonjia Adams   With Coach: Juan Garcia  
I started taking lessons in March 2009 and had no prior tennis experience. Juan is a great coach, he's encouraging, extremely patient and has helped me to carry out a great game of tennis. I highly recommend his services.
By: Trasie Farfan  With Coach: Juan Garcia  
Juan is an amazing coach. His pro tennis skills are great but more importantly, he has the ability to translate his techniques into effective lesson to his students at all levels. He is a good communicator and is able to critique his students in a way that allow the student to improve his/her tennis skills. He is always encouraging and has transformed my appreciation for tennis. I highly recommend Juan as a tennis coach. He is an individual you want to know on a professional level and personal as well.